Base Test

Bass Test Tones

All the test tones are in MP3 format.

Realm of Excursion

Pink Noise (stereo)Pink Noise (mono)

Pink Noise (left and right pan) 

White Noise (stereo)White Noise (mono)

Brown Noise (stereo)Brown Noise (mono)

1kHz Sine Wave123Hz Sine Wave

107.2Hz Sine Wave 100Hz Sine Wave

79Hz Sine Wave 70Hz Sine Wave

50Hz Sine Wave 45Hz Sine Wave

40Hz Sine Wave 43Hz Sine Wave

36Hz Sine Wave 35Hz Sine Wave

33Hz Sine Wave 32Hz Sine Wave

30Hz Sine Wave 20Hz Sine Wave

20Hz Sine Wave 19Hz Sine Wave

18Hz Sine Wave 17Hz Sine Wave

16Hz Sine Wave 15Hz Sine Wave

14Hz Sine Wave 13Hz Sine Wave

12Hz Sine Wave 11Hz Sine Wave

10Hz Sine Wave 10Hz Sine Wave

10Hz Sine Wave 9Hz Sine Wave

8Hz Sine Wave 7Hz Sine Wave

7Hz Sine Wave 6Hz Sine Wave

5Hz Sine Wave 1Hz Sine Wave

Sine Sweep

20Hz to 60Hz 40Hz to 50Hz

1Hz to 35Hz 10Hz to 100Hz(1)

10Hz to 100Hz(2) 20Hz to 20kHz

20Hz to 250Hz 20Hz to 120Hz

25Hz to 600Hz 35Hz to 50Hz

35Hz to 1Hz 60Hz to 70Hz

60Hz to 45Hz 100Hz to 20Hz

250Hz to 20Hz 22kHz to 1Hz

Slow Warble

20Hz to 120Hz 40Hz to 80Hz

Medial Warble

30Hz to 50Hz

CB Fryman

20Hz Modulation


20.5Hz Left, 20Hz Right

25.5Hz Left, 25Hz Right

30.5Hz Left, 35Hz Right

Digital Silence

Bass Test Tracks

All the test tones are in MP3 format.


Bass, I Love You

Bassotronics with Bass Mekanik

Papa Smurf's Dimension

Powered4Sound Theme Song

Set The Bass Free


Visions Of The Future



Bass Delivery

Quick Bass Test

Quick Bass Test 2

PR Boom


Severe Testing

Slow Built Bass

Sound Of Waves

Space Tech

Twitchy Sines


Bass Check

Response Test

Response Test 2

Sub Bass Effects



DISCLAIMER: Realm of Excursion is not responsible for any type of damage caused to you, your system, or vehicle. Please use the test tones responsibly and at your own risk.


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